Features (64)

  1. Referee Match Report

    Details of players, officials, bookings and other observations that happened in the game

  2. Injuries

    Players who got injured during a game

  3. Team Scores

    A list of results from games played by a team

  4. Suggestion Box

    Make suggestions about what needs to be updated or introduced

  5. WhatsApp Channels Directory

    One place for all fans to connect to their clubs whatsapp updates

  6. Media Accreditation

    For media personnel to apply for accreditation and coubs to recieve applications

  7. Live Table

    Generate and track an uodated table in realtime and as in play scores come in

  8. Standings

    Performance table after full time scores of the matchday

  9. Fans Database

    A list of your clubs fans and their info to know the fans better

  10. Line Up

    A pre match list of players summoned or confirmed to play

  11. Fixtures

    A listing of fixtures coming up under a league or tournament

  12. Scores

    A list of full time scores for a league or tournament

  13. Calendar

    A line up of leagues and tournaments to be played on each day per upcoming months generated from our fixtures database

  14. Predict A Score

    Ability to capture your prediction of a score and see whether you got it right

  15. Attendance

    A set of tools to record, measure and track game attendance

  16. TV Guide

    A filter of planned to be televised games on one page

  17. Players

    A feature to know more about a player, their bio and stats

  18. Player Of The Match

    Capture player of the match and display them in match reports and player stats

  19. Top Scorers

    A page that extracts goals scored by players and tabulates a tally of goals per player in a competition and ranks them

  20. Team Clean Sheets

    A tabulation of teams and number of games where they havent conceded a goal in a competition and ranked

  21. Competition Stats

    A compilation of stats about a competition to understand the level of sporting activity that is involved

  22. Tournament Groups

    A dedicated section for information about a competition group especially in tournaments

  23. Assists

    Capture data about which players assisted others to score and see stats about assists as well as a ranking of top assisters

  24. Team Profile

    Some non-sporting background information about a team

  25. Competition Profile

    Some administrative information about a competition

  26. Competition Roadmap

    A list of matchdates and key events and their dates

  27. Fundraising

    Create a fundraiser and record amounts recieved as well as see pledges and reconcile and analyse payments

  28. Cautions

    A record of player discipline in a game and stats for the whole competitions with suspension flags

  29. Districts

    Geographical information of football activity based on districts

  30. Polls

    An opportunity for fans to have their say through voting on various survey and recognition programs

  31. Today In History

    A page to help reflect on the past by seeing scores that transpired on the same date in the past years

  32. Data Feed

    Track data as it gets entered in real time

  33. Winners

    A direcyory of teams that have won competitions acvording to completed competitons data available

  34. Logos

    For brand identity of teams and competitions

  35. Head To Head

    A feature to compare the strength of two teams against each other based on past performances

  36. Team Fixtures

    A calendar of the team according to fixtures, fitered out of competitions fixture where the team is participating

  37. Twitter

    Links to twitter pages of teams where they often post real time info about the team, if available

  38. User Profile

    Allows self service to manage personal data and see personalised info filtered based on personal factors

  39. Team Websites

    To link information seekers to extra resources

  40. Team Suspension

    Removal of a team from a competition and get realtime updated stats that exclude the suspended team

  41. Gate Collections

    A page to show gate collections records and related estimated attendance based on ticket cost

  42. Team Top Scorers

    A record of top scorers of ateam in a competition tallying to the total competition scorers

  43. Create Fixtures

    Ability to create gixtures and then publish the desired fixtures

  44. Links

    To data so that the data is a click away say from a whatsapp group description

  45. Fixture Stats

    For analysis and validation of fixtures data

  46. Match Fee

    So that readers can see how much it is to attend the match

  47. Data Sources

    Offciql list of our data sources and tracking of the same

  48. Matchday

    More than just a listing of scores and fixtures, matchday feature groups the data for standard presentation

  49. Birthdays

    Automatically detect birthdays that are due and wish football stakeholders a happy one

  50. Features

    A feature for features! So that you know whats aailable for you

  51. Manager Tracker

    Tracking a managers progress to assess their performance

  52. Matchday Reporting

    Scores and fixtures grouped according to match for easier viewing of matchday scores and fixtures especially where these fall on different dates. The dates can also be seperated where need be.

  53. Deductions

    Ability to add penalisation data related to competitons disciplinary panel outcomes

  54. Group Fixtures

    Filter and display the fixtures of a group in a tournament

  55. Group Scores

    Filter and display scores of a group in a tournament

  56. Competition Players

    A page of the list of players participating in a competition

  57. Matchdays Stats

    Shows how records are changing matchday by matchday

  58. Player Self Registration

    Allows players to register themselves and get approved by competition admin

  59. Pending Fixtures

    Ability to see which fixtures dont have results for data recon purposes by league admins for accurate reporting

  60. Group Venues

    Enables fixture entry and display of venues based on groups

  61. Performance Against Competition

    In team stats, see how a team performance against other teams, how many points ontained from them and ranking of the same.

  62. Map Playground

    Ability to collect cordinates of a playground for lcoation info to fans

  63. Transfers

    Record a transfer of a player from one team to another

  64. Add My Competition

    Allows you to make a request for your competition to be add to the platform